Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"But it’s my destiny to be the King of Pain"

At work on Monday, the mood is hectic. But my co-worker and I still found a chance to talk about the weekend's big visit:

Co-worker: Do you wanna play 'Degrees of Separation' with Charles and Camilla?
Me: Sure, I'm two degrees.
Co-worker: I'm one!

My disgust mingled with impressed envy. Is that possible?

Co-worker: Ah..no. Guess it is TWO then.
Me: Well yes. It's always ONE from anyone. Otherwise, they are YOU. But what's your 'two'? I'm sure it's better than mine.
Co-Worker: Well...you know that this last weekend was Leather Weekend in Guerneville...
Me: It's already way better than mine...

And with that, our potential new employee showed up for his interview, and I couldn't very well say "Go on, my fellow office-mate. Tell me how the Guerneville Leather Community puts in two degrees of separation from your good self and Prince Charles..."

to be continued

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