Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"It's Behind You!"

After a dull newsday yesterday, I spent the evening at the Four Chestnuts leafing through the day's tabloids and garnishing tidbits of interest that I am dying to share! Here's just a preview: Bono and the Pope. Bono and Justin Timberlake. David Cameron and Morrisey (Its just shocking too. Scandelous).

And I'm also working on a longer, more thoughtful piece for this week.

But not tonight! I apologize for the sparsity of news and there won't be any until tomorrow.

Tonight I'll be in (Jack) Worthing, watching Puss in Boots which, though described as a pantomime, I have been assured it will have lines and speaking and not too much white pancake makeup. From what I've heard, I should enjoy myself.

"Oh no you won't!"


Anonymous said...

Are you referring to the possible future Prime Minister David Cameron being a Smiths fan? He's admitted that his favorite album was the Queen is Dead, but he
"didn't like the title track ... because he likes the queen"!

However, Cameron's devotion was questioned when he failed to spot that Margaret On A Guillotine, an unflattering portrait of his heroine, former PM Margaret
Thatcher, is the last track on Morrissey's first post-Smiths solo album.

Anonymous said...

Bono parties hard with Timberlake...ugh...what's next...perhaps he's trying to
get closer to Justin's girlfriend Cameron Diaz...

Anonymous said...

Bono needs to stay home and make music...Rome doesn't need him and
neither does the Pope...if he's so concerned about the world's poorest
countries, then perhaps he can write a check from his personal bank account,which I'd venture to say is a several zero one.

Miss Templeton said...

Goodness! I didn't realize the 'anonymous' poster here wasn't spam. I generally don't read these when they come into the notification queue.

But these tidbits will have to wait until I have the time to type them up. As always, Simon's No Rock&Roll Fun (one of my links) is your up-to-date source for the news on rock stars and their activities.