Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's Tourist Season in San Francisco!

Just yesterday on the Ferry sat next to a group of Married Cousins from Over There who were happily pawing through their bag of the day's acquisitions: Alcatraz Penitentiary Swim Team t-shirts for the whole extended family.

Meanwhile, I've discovered a treasure trove of photos over at the San Francisco Public Library's online archives. Here's another visitor to our fair City from back in 1919! (Tall guy in back, sorta looks like Alan Rickman. Not the statue.)

There's another great photo of the same guy out in front of a Grateful Dead concert at Winterland (still open back then) holding the requisite "I need a miracle" sign. The Library said he was on a business trip, talking with Silicon Valley venture capitalists for some funding for a start-up.


Bearhunter said...

It's either Dev or Zelig. And who's the fine fella made of bronze anyway. Looks a bit like Cdr John barry.

Miss Templeton said...

Too tall to be Zelig, but what possibilities there would be! Statue is meant to be Robert Emmet.

The whole publicity stunt was organized by San Francisco bigwig James D. Phelan to hustle up some excitement for the state visit. One of the histories I read up on this said (something like) "Golden Gate Park has, perhaps, more locally significant monuments."