Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Is it out of line if I was to be bold and say 'Would you be mine'?"

Bought on a complete impulse at the HMV kiosk at Heathrow ("Indecently Rousing" said the Independent on the sticker promo). Then discovered I could listen to it as a featured CD on the inflight entertainment. Back home, listened again lots of times in the car. The sort of play where you let the song finish out before turning off the engine. And then on office iTunes.

This one here is my favorite song of the moment. In that top forty way where you need to hear the song every hour or so. It's endless summer.

Then finally had the presence of mind to check out The Fratellis over at Wikipedia. Turns out: Glasgow.

Told the husband "I know I was intending to wait til you could come with me, but I can't fight it much longer. Next time over, I'm going to Scotland."

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